Pranatamangsa AR, 2018

Pranatamangsa AR is an augmented reality artwork based on tradition Indonesian farming calendars that connect celestial observances to natural phenomena. The app can be downloaded from the App Store here and the image targets can be downloaded and printed here.
Research and animations produced during a 2017 Asialink Arts residency with Common Room Networks Foundation, Bandung, Indonesia, supported by ArtsACT. 

This work was exhibited in Connections Part One, Megalo Gallery + Print Studio, 2018, and Gaia Hypothesis, curated by Ngaoi Fitzpatrick and supported by ANU Climate Institute, at Belconnen Arts Centre, 2019. The original full length animation is published below and was shown in the Melbourne International Animation Festival in 2018.



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An animated interpretation of the Pranatamangsa farming calendar, made during an Asialink arts residency with Gustaff Harriman Iskandar at Common Room Networks Foundation, Bandung, Indonesia, supported by ArtsACT.