Emotions Invented by the Internet

16 August - 22 September 2018, Verge Gallery, Sydney.

Emotions Invented by the Internet by Anna Madeleine and Jessica Herrington is a collaborative exhibition of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) artworks exploring emotional states instigated by new technologies. The feeling of helplessly watching a slow download; the feeling of trying to make two devices find each other through Bluetooth; or the feeling of finding that perfect GIF – these emotions range from the tranquil to exhilarating, funny to frustrating. Through 360 degree animations and dream-like digital relics, this exhibition presents a simulation and a remedy for future mental states, in a meditative response to living with new technology.

Installation images:

List of works:
Anna Madeleine, Second Nature, 2018, augmented reality app, 2 artificial plants, 2 pine logs, 3 rocks, autumn leaves, dimensions variable.
Jessica Herrington, Hidden Spaces, 2018, augmented reality app, dimensions variable.
Anna Madeleine, Wasteland, 2018, virtual reality scene.
Jessica Herrington, Emotion Space, 2018, virtual reality scene.
Anna Madeleine and Jessica Herrington, Emotions Invented by the Internet Twitter Bot, 2018, twitter account.
Jessica Herrington, Bends and Loops, 2018, neon light installation, dimensions variable.


Second Nature, 2018

An augmented reality artwork that imagines a world where natural objects emit digital signals. 

Video documentation of using the 'Second Nature' app, and the corresponding VR scene, 'Wasteland':


This project was generously supported by CAPO (Capital Arts Patrons' Organisation) .

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