Anna Madeleine

One year

Or more like one year, one month, three weeks and five days but time does strange things in situations like this. 
My incredibly loving, intelligent and brave father died on 10th February 2015 after being diagnosed with oesophageal cancer four months earlier.
I wanted to record what I said at his funeral.

Dad taught me so many things, here are just a few:
He taught me to walk and talk
How to ride a bike and how to pitch a tent
He taught me about nuts and bolts
He taught me about geological formations in the rocks around Parliament House
He taught me to drive
He showed me how to pack the boot of the car for our annual road trips to Adelaide, then he’d do it again himself
He taught me how to build electronics and plinths for my art
He helped me write a PhD proposal, then write a PhD
We talked about time and space
He taught me the mathematical formula for how to measure the distance left on a roll of paper
He taught me about science, but he also reminded me of the importance of creativity, music and art, in providing other ways to look at the world
And in the last four months, Dad continued to teach me things.
He accepted his illness with dignity and grace, and during this time he taught me a philosophy, one that is based around logic, peace and optimism.
He supported us to support him, and in the toughest moments he reassured us that all was well.
And this way of looking at the world is where I find the strength to imagine a life without him. So thank you Dad for everything you’ve ever taught me.

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