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Visiting artist residency at USC School of Cinematic Arts, LA (Part 4)

Cactus obsession continues… had a look at a neighbours’ cactus garden, and am really interested in the colour palette of them and their texture and ‘hardness’ - some look almost plastic and some of the flowers are super delicate. The agaves in particular have a really interesting white imprint on their leaves, where the sun as marked it before it opens up. Could this be replicated in an artwork, as a sort of ‘exposure’, or natural printmaking process?


New favourite artist! Huguette Caland’s work was part of Made in L.A. at UCLA Hammer Museum. Her paired back line drawings of the body are really expressive and touch on issues of body image and eating disorders in a subtle but incredibly powerful way. Her work is also really varied - these drawings were shown alongside vibrant and abstract but very detailed patterned paintings, and painting is her main medium. Some had linework that reminded me of mapping or ariel views of the landscape, others continue looking at the body with shapes that look like disjointed and reconstructed body parts. Also arresting were her smocks and mannequins, where lines become part of the body even more.

I also enjoyed an installation by Rafa Esparza, who buried various objects in Elysian Park in LA and then invited participants to dig them up. The objects were then installed on the veranda of the museum on a floor of beautifully cracked dirt. 


I’ve started using the down shooter studios and doing some basic charcoal animations. Although i love the opportunities that the digital animation on the iPad present, I do miss getting my hands dirty and the texture and intuitive aspect of real materials.

Went to the opening of Corey Helford Gallery’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition in Downtown LA - was very typically “LA” - all very much about the glossy surface, extremely figurative and graphic Pop Art style, some works with an anime/cartoon aesthetic. The crowd was just as - if not more so - interesting to watch, with some spectacular costumes and outfits.

Visited a junkyard in Beverly Hills - these are some gems of trash from Hollywood:


Also, USC has a cupcake machine...

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