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Visiting artist residency at USC School of Cinematic Arts, LA (Part 12)

In my last few weeks at USC I learnt how to use Skybox Mettle - a software plugin for After Effects that will let me put my 2D animations into a 360 view, so I can make VR videos.  I made a test one with my body part tissue paper animations, and was pretty happy with it! I cut the animation into four clips of about the same length (12 seconds), and placed them in 3D space in After Effects in four separate panels surrounding the camera (the viewer). So when the viewer turns around, there is animation on every plane. I’ll continue with this, and work on designing animations specifically for this space and adding animation to the top and bottom planes.

In my last week of using the Oxberry studio I tried multi-plane animation - using two layers of glass over one another, allowing me to animation two layers at once. I tried this by adding a layer of line work over the tissue paper tectonic plates, which worked well, but I got a little lost in what the work was about. It’s a really nice style that I will play with more at home.

Continuing with the cyanotype works, I’ve made one of a wind farm, and one of a bird circling in the sky. I think an interesting concept for these is energy consumption and production - the oil wells, the wind farms, and I filmed a steam pump at a factory while on a bike ride to South Bay this week. Another possibility is solar farms - if I can figure out an element of movement in them. This theme also relates to the process because the images themselves are a product of solar energy (sunlight). Could the animations themselves be powered from solar??

After seeing Kathy Rose speak at seminar, I went with students Evan and Crystal out to UCLA to see her perform. Sadly we missed the performance itself but did get to see some longer versions of her early animation work, which was great. Then Crystal gave us a tour of UCLA - interesting to see the different vibe between it and USC - much grittier and more ‘art school’ but less tech. 

On my last weekend in LA I went to Huntington Gardens with friends Jasmin and Kyle, and had a lovely brunch with some of the amazing people I met.

Kyle, Jasmin, Cynthia, me, Karine and Laura  <3

Kyle, Jasmin, Cynthia, me, Karine and Laura  <3

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