Anna Madeleine

Visiting artist residency at USC School of Cinematic Arts, LA (Part 10)

Last weekend I joined the DADA graduate students along with Mar and lecturers Kathy Smith and Everett Lewis, on a field trip to the ghost town Bodie, and Mono Lake, in the Eastern Sierras.

Bodie was fascinating - an original gold rush mining town in the middle of nowhere that was abandoned in the early 1900's, with much of the houses - with furniture, cars, old objects, shop fronts - all left behind. It is now a California Historical Landmark and a Wild West Ghost Town. While there, we took photographs, made a time lapse, took some audio recordings, and I attempted a 3D capture of some of the tomb stones (sadly unsuccessfully!).

Some of the old buildings had really nice textures in the peeling off wallpaper and weathered surfaces, others you could only see in through the windows but were left in interesting set ups - the school for example, with writing on the board and half made craft projects. There was also a church and cemetery, where people still get buried (because of family lineage).  

Mono Lake, the next day, was incredible! It’s main features are ‘Tufa towers’ - geological formations that occur when springs of water rich in calcium bubble up through carbonate rich lake water, reacting to cause a calcium-carbonate salt deposit. Like Joshua Tree, it was like stepping into an imaginary world, or a Dr Seuss book, or a different planet. 

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