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Visiting artist residency at USC School of Cinematic Arts (Part 2)

I've began experimenting with making digital animations on an iPad Pro - a new venture for me! The digital line is super nice and smooth to animate, and I have ideas of layering digital line work over more textural hand-drawn or painted animations to combine the two aesthetics.

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This week I've also been thinking about making a work based on getting around LA transport wise - the city has a famous car culture, and - maybe because of that - a really weird relationship with public transport. Even though it's fine to ride around, the new metro line is great, and the buses aren't that bad, people complain a LOT about it, and a lot of people who live in LA have never tried catching the train or bus. I'm getting around by bike and train mostly, but have also just discovered how cheap Ubers are here. There's an 'Uber Pool' option, which lets you car pool with other people going in the same direction. Even catching a normal Uber can be a gamble in how the driver will be and you never know what interesting conversations will come up, but the Pool option multiples that again, because up to three different people can share a ride. I am thinking about recording my Uber rides while I'm here - writing down notes about the drivers and passengers I meet and the conversations I have with them. There's also potential for a mapping project here, using all the receipts of the rides which include where you got picked up from and dropped off. I like that's it's a data trail of navigating the city.

First Uber ride in LA was with Anastasia, who looked like a model in her picture but turned out to be a grant-writer for sustainable energy companies. She picked us up on Mulholland Dr and we shared with an English and German backpacker after we all got lost trying to find our way down from hiking in the Hollywood Hills back to Hollywood Blvd.

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