Anna Madeleine

Visiting artist residency at USC School of Cinematic Arts, LA (Part 8)


I'm working on a project about anatomy and the body, and started experimenting with using tissue paper silhouettes. I cut out simple shapes reminiscent of body parts and animated them against the light box, moving and floating through space. Working with red and blue (anatomy colours) I really like the shapes and colours that form by chance when shapes overlap.

Another way I’ve been thinking about the body is the points of difference between inner and outer movement of the body - e.g. looking and inside movement through MRI scans, CT scans, and X-rays, and outside movement through depictions of actions like yoga and swimming. I was then thinking about the way the meeting point between inner and outer, firstly the skin, but also the medical procedures that pierce or scan the skin to record and measure the movement inside. This series of animations explores this through having a pulse taken, a stethoscope measuring heartbeats, and having blood taken.

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Another oil pastel on plexiglass glass animation based on a photograph of the cliffs at Zion. While in the desert I was thinking about where I could find movement in the stillness desert, and one idea was the movement of shadows.

I’ve been working on the idea of making cyanotype animations. I’m experimenting with using a short video loop and exporting it to an image sequence, then making each image into a negative printed on transparency. Then I’ll expose these as cyanotypes, then photograph them and put them back into an image sequence then back into a video loop.

Cyanotype testing with one of   Karine Simon  's images

Cyanotype testing with one of Karine Simon's images

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while but haven’t known what to use as the video. Driving around LA this week I was taken past the massive areas of oil rigs. It’s a strange landscape to see in the middle of a big city, and the oil wells have a nice repetitive up and down movement. So I went back on a mission to get some video - it was all fenced off but I managed to find a vantage point where I got a few clips of the oil wells silhouetted against the sky. With some cropping, it should work.

This week’s seminar speaker was Floyd Norman, a disney animator who has worked on Sleeping Beauty and the Jungle Book, and is the subject of a new documentary. Floyd was a great speaker - very animated himself - and has a really extensive knowledge of the animation industry, along with nice anecdote and personal stories to go with it.

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