Anna Madeleine

Atomic animations

This series of animations I made in 2013 for the Insight Radical residency which culminated in a touring exhibition that went to Griffin Gallery, London, MCLEMOI Gallery, Sydney, and is currently being shown at The Science Exchange, Adelaide as part of Adelaide Fringe. The Insight Radical residency took place in the chemistry labs of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Free Radical Chemistry and Biotechnology. Six artists spent time with several chemists researching free radicals and we responded to their research through out art practice. I produced two bodies of works for this project - a series of animations (below) and The Pill Portraits.

I was attracted to the transformative nature of free radical molecules so I approached some of the patterns of their atomic structures and diagrammatic interpretations through a time-based medium. These animations are based on pages taken from scientists’ lab books. By deconstructing, transforming, and re-inventing the patterns and visual forms of their data, I have created a push and pull between the scientific and the artistic, through the notion of experimentation that underpins both lines of work. The medium expresses the reactive and sequential nature of free radicals that sets chain reactions into motion.

Numbers and Figures, 2013, left-hand screen of 3 channel stop-motion animation:

Atoms Apart, 2013, middle screen of 3 channel stop-motion animation:

Measurements, 2013, right-hand screen of 3 channel stop-motion animation:

The animations installed on three iPads at MCLEMOI Gallery, Sydney:

Scientist Renee Beale wrote about this use of the scientists' data here. These are some of the lab book pages these animations are based on: