Anna Madeleine

Amalia Pica at MCA Chicago

One of my art highlights from Chicago was Amalia Pica's exhibition at the MCA. Pica works with old and alternative forms of communication, with a focus on materiality and metaphors. She explores the poetics and politics of communication and miscommunication, through playful objects, signal systems, and the elements of chance, error, and misunderstanding that so often occurs through listening, dialogue and conversation.

Amalia Pica, Switchboard (pavilion), 2013

Amalia Pica, Eavesdropping (version #2), 2011

Amalia Pica, Babble, Blabber, Chatter, Gibber, Jabber, Patter, Prattle, Rattle, Yammer, Yada Yada Yada, 2010

Amalia Pica, Venn diagrams (under the spotlight), 2011