Anna Madeleine

Lucy James

Lucy James uses collage to manipulate found images of people, objects, animals and nature, into unexpected but carefully considered formations. She creates hybrid characters that could be from fantasy worlds, and people and words jumbled with machinery and mathematics. While playful, witty and incredibly visually compelling, the works are also powerful re-interpretations of historical and contemporary engagements between people, nature and technology, and the tension of these things unnaturally combined. Lucy James is showing at Anna Pappas Gallery, May 31 - July 7, 2012.

Lucy James, the natural approach to weightloss

Lucy James, the killer stretch

Lucy James, bird girl flappin' and squawkin', 2011, collage on paper

Lucy James, fly agara, 2009, collage on paper

Lucy James, With a bright star in my crown:, 2010, collage on paper

Lucy James, spiral brain, 2009, collage, ink, ribbon and thread on paper