Anna Madeleine

Thomas Hirschhorn

Places I saw his work: 1. Venice Biennale, Swiss Pavilion 2. Guggenheim Bilbao 3. George Pompidou Centre

Some of the materials he uses:

tape, foil, TVs, treadmills, magazines, cotton buds, taxidermy creatures, crystals, plastic furniture, lights, mobile phones, aluminium cans, photocopied text book pages, mannequins, clocks, plungers, tubes, globes of the world.

Things his installations feel like:

A cave A spaceship A junkyard Alice in Wonderland A sauna A chemistry lab

Some pictures:

Crystal of Resistance, at the Venice Biennale:

Cavemanman, in 'The Luminous Travel' at The Guggenheim, Bilbao:

Some links: