Anna Madeleine

Ubiquitous at SLAG Gallery, Chelsea

Ubiquitous is a show by two Brooklyn based artists, Lucy Kim and Janos Stone. Both artists' work are really relevant to some of my work and ideas, in what I thought was completely different ways, so it was crazy to find them together. Janos Stone comes from a background in sculpture, and is concerned with making tactile versions of online interactivity. He hand carves plaster board into 3d pixels, portraying the digital communication of online relationships, and looking at connectivity in mediated environments without letting go of the real, handmade feel of the human creator.

333 Eyes of My FB Friends

Lucy Kim works with paint on aluminium foil, with both traditional and contemporary subject matter. After making a series of prints on aluminium foil in 2009 (Plastic Surgery) I was interested in how she used the same material in a more sculptural manner, making 3d forms move in and out of the surface, painting on it crumpled up then flattening it out, and tearing the boarder right the the edge of the image.