Anna Madeleine

The Long Now

Still haven't got my head around this, but it was an interesting thing to emerge out of the fog on the way to the Golden Gate bridge last week.The Long Now Foundation is an organization working on a new concept of time, by building a clock that ticks once year, to re-shape ideas of long term responsibility and to propose a 'slower/better' way of thinking, in the perspective of the next 10,000 years. The project was started by computer scientist and inventor Danny Hillis, as a prototype binary mechanical computer. The idea of the 10,000 year clock counteracts the fast paced, multi tasking, short attention span of the media overloaded culture that we currently experience, and as physicality it puts forward notions of myth and story telling -  "two key requirements of anything lasting a long time" to create an icon in order to re frame the way people consider time. I was drawn to the imagery and concepts of the clock as well as two other projects - The Orrery planet display, the Rosetta Project - an archive of human language, and I'm also interested in hearing Brian Eno's album January 07003 Bell Studies CD 25, which uses the same algorithm as the chime generator for the clock. Big ideas..lots to think about on this (better and slower, though)

It also reminded me of this work by Heidi Kumao, who works with animation and kinetic sculptures. These egg timers measure psychological units of time, I love the idea of this.

Saving Time: Customized glassware that measures personalised units of time. Left to right: My Minute, Your Minute, Time to Change My Mind, Time Between Panic Attacks, Eternal Time, Time to Remember, Time to Forget, Time to Make a Decision.