Anna Madeleine

Island of the Colorblind and New Works by Roa

Right next door to eachother, Shooting Gallery and White Walls are showing new works by Roa and Paul Chatem. The two shows go together amazingly well with a similar form of interactivity used in simple ways; by ROA with use of opening doors which change the image, and by Paul Chatem with cogs that activate the entire piece to morph into new scenarios.I have seen Roa's work in Berlin and London before and love his creatures and style of drawing - quite unique to be seen on the streets. I've always been a bit sceptical about street art being shown in galleries, but this show is amazing. Roa uses urban like sculptural forms without making them look like they still belong in an alley way. The way his designs are altered when the viewer opens or closes the panels doors engages the viewer in way in a simple way which shows the works are meant to be touch and changed. Paul Chatem's handmade wooden kinetic sculptures present complex worlds of fictional characters and objects which interrelate in different ways by turning a crank. Through this simple act, the viewer can manipulate and bring to life these entire colourful scenes, which almost look like old fashioned theatre sets, puppet plays or animations. The imagery itself is rich with references to vintage advertising, comic books and mythical creatures, creating contradictory forces which also relate to sensory perception - the pieces are numbered with colour blind tests.


Paul Chatem: