Anna Madeleine

Fact or Fiction/Strange Hybrids

This is a series of images I've been working on at my residency in Berkeley.I'm thinking about how sensations or emotions can be related to technology, and how these representations can imply complex concepts of social connection within contemporary communication. They (except the car battery) are made by layering digital print with drawing and painting - mostly printed, painted/drawn on, then printed again. The text below each image comes from lyrics or text messages, not necessarily titles, yet. I'm hoping these ideas will stem into animations which use simple interactive elements relating to the content, to trigger a multi-screen installation.

Your time or mine, part 1

Your time or mine, part 2

Butterflies in my stomach/

(You) give me a buzz when you're here

Just quietly you were the highlight of my night

Jumpstart my heart


Water Rising

(It's easier to say, that I'm doing okay, than bother to explain, the water rising)