Anna Madeleine

Sol LeWitt: Photographic Works

Still at 49 Geary St galleries, Fraenkel Gallery was showing a collection of Sol LeWitt's photographic work from 1968 - 2004. I have only previously come across LeWitt's geometric drawings and structures, so seeing his photography was unexpected and interesting. Grids translated through the entire exhibition, through maps with certain places cut out, and layouts of images of windows, walls and clouds. The work Brick Wall is grid of photographs of the same brick wall captured with different exposures creating a gradation of tonal range and altering textures. Inspired by  Eadweard Muybridge, and also similar to Camera Recording It's Own Condition by John Hillard, photography is used as a system, and the camera as a tool of slicing and documenting space and time. Repetition of varying processes and modular elements create different versions of the same reality, which when presented together as a set create a complex whole and brings about ideas of process relating to conceptual art.

A Square of Chicago Without a Trapezoid, 1979

Grid of Grids, 1976

Grid of Windows, 1976

Sol LeWitt: Brick Wall, 1977

John Hilliard: Camera Recording It's Own Condition, 1971