Anna Madeleine

Sonya Rapoport

Yesterday was the first day of my residency at Kala Arts Institute in Berkeley. 

I checked out the gallery to discover some amazing work by Sonya Rapoport in her exhibition Pairings of Polarities. I was really taken with her work because of her use of original anthropological information printed on old computer paper, referencing databases as a background, overlaid with diagrammatic imagery, text, and her own drawing and prints. (She was actually in the gallery at the time and came over to see why I was looking at them for so long! So we had a chat - lovely lady from Boston.) There was such an expansive range of both information and personal stories told within these long vertical strips of computer programming paper, they spoke of history, anatomy, anthropology, and data interwoven with rich personal experience.

More to come on California and my residency... maybe when the weather improves.