Anna Madeleine

Bristol Centre for Fine Print Research

This photo doesn't look like much at first but it marks two important things: 1. First sunny day in the UK (See that blue sky!?) 2.  Centre for Fine Print Research at Bristol School of Creative Arts

I don't know if these two things are related but both were awesome! After working at the ANU Inkjet Lab in 2009 I was interested to check this place out and see how they were working in a similar field. Here they do inkjet printing for artists such as Richard Hamilton and Damien Hirst, making up custom profiles and materials to experiment and research the fine line between technicality and fine art, and to push the boundaries of printing technologies outside what they're made for. I was also shown the laser cutting, 3D printing and artist book studios, and the way that all these can be intersected to create new hybrid art forms - very impressive, lots to learn about here for me.