Augmented Nature, 2019

 A series of experimental augmented reality works using natural objects as AR targets.


Tree Rings is a series of wood cuts augmented with layers of hand-drawn animation responding to patterns of tree ring growth. The animations reflect climate events or other factors recorded in dendrochronology, for example rain, fire, and insect life. Each piece contains an animation specifically designed for its surface, as well as accumulating the animations of the previous wood cuts in multiple layers. For example, the smallest wood cut has only one animation and the largest has up to ten layers, representing different climate conditions recorded through time.


Data Leaves consists of a series of fake and real leaves that are augmented with real-time weather data from the Bureau of Meteorology. Green leaves display the current temperature for each Australian capital city, and scattered autumn leaves indicate the time for sunset, sunrise, moonset and moonrise. The green leaves are based on tree species specific to each state that are being monitored as bioindicators to understand changes in temperature and rainfall that are affecting seasonal behaviour of plants and animals.

Augmented fossils made for 'GEO: Art of the Collection' with Geoscience Australia and ANU School of Art & Design.

An Alphabet of Shells is a collection of seashells each augmented with a different letter of the maritime signal flag alphabet, letting viewers encounter the communicative abilities of natural bioindicators as messages in a mobile device.